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Tree cages


Have you seen the new gear enclosing trees along York Blvd at James? The old grates that collared the trunk at the base have been removed and these new cages have been assembled in the same holes.  They seem to allow slightly more room for the trunks to grow, perhaps stabilize the trunks, maybe reduce vandalism – but these street trees are constantly replaced in their poor quality holes. Next time these trees need to be replaced, let’s do it right with silva cells.



Author: treespleasehamilton

A project of the Hamilton Naturalists' Club and Environment Hamilton. Funding by Ontario Trillium Foundation.

3 thoughts on “Tree cages

  1. Are you aware of any type of cost analysis that compares the cost of the current poor methods used for street trees that requires replacing the tree and the loss of shade and CO2 extraction vs the cost of the silva cells balances by the additional benefits? Locke Street will be dug up and repaired in 2019 so this will be an opportunity to add potential shade trees that can survive.

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  2. What a waste. Surely it makes more sense to put money into planting situations that ensure strong growth and balanced structure in the first five years of the trees life, and reap the benefits many times over through long-lived, disease and pest resistant urban trees. Even if it means planting a few fewer trees. Silva cells and proper pruning would make a big difference.

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