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Tree Planting Week!

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Last week was a great week – we planted trees at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Elementary School, St. David Catholic Elementary School, as well as Windermere Basin on Saturday April 28th, 2018.  Here is a little summary of our tree planting adventures.

At Sts. Peter and Paul School we planted five Red Oaks to help create future shade of a walkway that is the main way for students.

The Before Photo at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Elementary School

The After photo with five newly planted Red Oak Trees

Their super Ecoteam included some of these students who helped us move mulch and lug water and fill gator bags.

Thank you!
We would like to thank Educational Assistant, Mr. John Metcalf (the high vis vest in the photo on the right) for his dedication and support.  We couldn’t plant trees at their school without him leading the charge.  We would like to thank the staff at the school, including the Ecoteam teachers, the principal, office staff and custodial staff that let us take over as we planted.
A special thanks to the City of Hamilton’s Clean and Green division for their funding support.
Mr. Metcalf also helped as we planted a number of Redbuds at their school in the fall of 2017.  The Ecoteam is so amazing they created a video of that day.  Click here for the 3 minute video.

At St. David Catholic Elementary School

We planted 3 Tulip Trees and 2 Ironwoods at their school.

Before Photo of their school.  The trees were planted beside the playground and field.

After photo

Despite the rainy day, a number of students helped us mulch each tree and fill the gator bags.

We would like to thank the dedicated teaching staff – Mrs. Toscani and Mrs. Burke for tag-teaming and taking the lead for the school.  We couldn’t plant trees at their school without their support and follow through.    We wanted to send our thanks to the principal, office staff, and custodian for their help and guidance.

Windermere Basin Tree Planting

We have partnered with the City of Hamilton’s Forestry Division since 2016 to plant young trees and we went back to Windermere Basin to plant 310 native trees.

Despite the rain, we had a solid turnout of volunteers including Team Orange from Dofasco, folks from Aviva Insurance, and our volunteers who came out to show some love to Windermere Basin.   Thank you to ALL our volunteers that made it out and hustled in the muddy environment to plant trees.   At the very least, the trees were happy to be planted in the rain.

Here is a short video of CHCH news coverage for the day.

We would like to thank the Forestry division for their partnership.
A shout-out to A Rocha Hamilton for their support.  They helped cover refreshment costs to keep our volunteers fed and hydrated.

Windermere Basin Tree Planting 1

Windermere Basin Tree Planting 3Windermere Basin Tree Planting 2


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A project of the Hamilton Naturalists' Club and Environment Hamilton. Funding by Ontario Trillium Foundation.

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