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Trees for storm water management

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Our workshop series kicks off tonight with the Rain Garden and Other Green Infrastructure forum! We look forward to hearing from local experts about what is currently going on in this field in Hamilton.


To get us ready, here is one of the many reasons we want to see more trees planted throughout Hamilton: storm water management.

Hamilton’s old combined sewer overflow system is a well-known issue that looms with every large rain event. Trees help control water run-off, helping to avoid the flooded roads we often see during a big spring storm.  Rather than a barren stretch of pavement dotted with overflowing drains, leaves intercept the rain drops, and roots thirstily drink up as much as they can.  Tree roots also stabilize the soil and keep silt away from polluting our streams.

By lining our streets with trees and other vegetation, pressure can be relieved from a stressed storm water system. Imagine a well-planned street with healthy and hardy native trees, with gardens of plants underneath available to pollinators, all quenched by the storm water that needs some place to go. Rectify the area in your lawn that always has poor drainage by putting in a simple rain garden, or even just the one water-loving tree. Explore these beautiful and beneficial solutions to our urban storm water problems at the forum tonight!


Our little office White Pine is not intercepting much rain water yet


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A project of the Hamilton Naturalists' Club and Environment Hamilton. Funding by Ontario Trillium Foundation.

One thought on “Trees for storm water management

  1. Please take some good notes . Too many great events tonight including WaterCress McMaster Water Network event at Red Church Cafe


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