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Air Quality Update – McQuesten II

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A second complete walk-through of McQuesten has finally been completed. This took so long in part because of bad luck with weather (last week was entirely rained out) and because of the size and complexity of McQuesten makes it a four-session process compared to the two-session McAnulty neighbourhood.

Thursday June 29th Notes: McQuesten July 20 - 1.png

  • higher on and around busy streets (Queenston and Parkdale)
  • peaks near Cannon bus station on Reid Ave.
  • Rain caused slightly higher readings towards the end of the walk

Wednesday July 5th Notes: McQuesten July 20 - 2.png

  • Despite the construction on Brittania not being active, still elevated readings were still caused by floating dust and kick-up from vehicles
  • Elevated levels on Barton St. across from industrial sites
  • Moderate levels near Hillcrest Park – reasons unclear, could be upwind from the RHVP

Thursday July 6th Notes: McQuesten July 20 - 3.png

  • Small peaks near Brittania – construction related
  • high-levels in the north-east side – could be from higher density of traffic on Melvin, Barton, and the RHVP

Wednesday July 19th Notes: McQuesten July 20 - 4.png

  • High readings on Oriole and Glengrove – could be from recently finished construction nearby
  • Areas near Barton had slightly higher readings than those farther away

Overall Heat Map (neighbourhood boundary in black): composed of data I collected as well as previous INHALE volunteer data

HeatMap McQuesten July 20th.png

Patterns Noticed So Far:

  • In general, much of the McQuesten neighbourhood has better air quality than McAnulty.
  • Construction, vehicle traffic, smoking, and wood burning are the key contributors to high levels of PM2.5 in this neighbourhood.

We will continue air monitoring and with the tree inventory to gather more data.

If you’re interested in volunteering with tree inventory or air monitoring for the Trees Please project at McQuesten, or at our other site (McAnulty & Crown Point) check the calendars here:




Author: treespleasehamilton

A project of the Hamilton Naturalists' Club and Environment Hamilton. Funding by Ontario Trillium Foundation.

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