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TREE TUESDAY: Extra Helping Hands in McQuesten

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It isn’t every day that our Trees Please team is bombarded by an extra six sets of helping hands! A few weeks ago we were joined by a group of children in whose housing courtyard we were inventorying. They ran over to see what we were doing and immediately exclaimed that they wanted to help.

Delighted, we showed them how to use the small measuring tape to find the tree’s diameter. It kept getting flipped upside down, but eventually the kids got the hang of it. Next we helped them work together to roll out the big measuring tape to find the tree’s height. After some jockeying for roles, they successfully worked together on this task, too. Even a smiley little boy who was barely strong enough to roll the tape back in was able to participate. Using the clinometer to measure tree height was a challenge, since it requires patience and holding still – skills that kids have yet to master. That job remained with the original volunteers.

By the end of our time there, the children had decided that it was more fun to measure their own heights and the heights of their stuffed animals than the height of trees. This was okay with us since they had done such a good job before. We were so happy to see them enthusiastically interacting with nature and science, as well as working together to achieve something. Way to go, McQuesten kids!


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A project of the Hamilton Naturalists' Club and Environment Hamilton. Funding by Ontario Trillium Foundation.

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