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Air Quality Update – McQuesten

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McQuesten’s first complete walkthrough has been completed!

The neighbourhood is bordered by the train tracks to the north, Queenston Rd. to the south, Parkdale Ave. to the west, and the Red Hill Valley Parkway to the east.

Thursday June 8th Notes:

McQuesten July 4 - 1.png

  • Oriole Ct. – construction at the north causes medium-high readings
  • Higher than normal levels on Beland/Delana – not sure, could be traffic or proximity to Queenston
  • Spike on Glassco near Brittania – truck from construction site kicked large amounts of dust into the air

Wednesday June 14th Notes:

McQuesten July 4 - 2.png

  • Higher levels on Parkdale @ Brittania – construction dust
  • Higher levels further south on Parkdale and on Dunsmure – could be proximity to extensive traffic
  • Melvin – Harley-Davidson motorcycle revving

Wednesday June 21st Notes:

McQuesten July 4 - 3.png

  • Overall air quality was extremely good – less than 100 particles per hundredth of a cubic foot (around 1 μm/cubic metre) for most of the walk
  • Peaks near Queenston and RHVP (Red Hill Valley Parkway) – traffic induced – a tow truck and several transport trucks
  • Residential peaks – likely smokers
  • Peaks at the meeting place – self-induced (accidentally blocked air vents)

Thursday June 22nd Notes:

McQuesten July 4 - 4.png

  • Peaks along Barton – trucks merging onto the street from industry to the north
  • Parkdale @ Melvin – construction site with wind blowing
  • Glassco – smoker
  • Huge peak on Adair – wood burning
  • Brittania @ Blair – construction dust and rain starting to fall (rain affects the air quality instrument)

Wednesday June 28th Notes:

McQuesten July 4 - 5.png

  • Higher readings near Brittania because of construction
  • Spikes near Barton St – especially and Woodward and approaching RHVP
  • Osborne St. extended high zone – unclear, could be caused from wind coming from the RHVP

It is important to keep in mind that these are just a single set of readings for the area – construction, wood burning, smoking, etc. can temporarily increase PM2.5 levels. The entire area will be re-measured several times this summer to develop a more accurate idea of the spatial patterns of PM2.5 pollution in the area.

If you’re interested in volunteering with tree inventory or air monitoring for the Trees Please project at McQuesten, or at our other site (McAnulty & Crown Point) check the calendars here:


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A project of the Hamilton Naturalists' Club and Environment Hamilton. Funding by Ontario Trillium Foundation.

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