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Tree Tuesday: Love Your Conifer

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Winter is the perfect time to fully appreciate conifer trees as they are much more prominent when the deciduous trees are dormant without leaves. The name conifer means “cone bearer” as every conifer produces its seeds in cones. Another name for conifers is evergreen because most conifers hold their needles throughout the winter. This is partly why conifers provide important winter habitat for many species of wildlife.

Conifers have some interesting adaptations. The needles are also coated with wax which prevents the loss of water and are soaked in resin which helps the needle withstand freezing. Even the shape of the needles is an asset in winter because it offers no resistance to the wind. Conifers have also adapted to difficult environments such as the far north where the soils are shallow and poor and the moisture is locked in the ice most of the year.

Through the Trees Please project we want to celebrate conifers this winter. Please share your photos / selfies with your favourite conifer and let us know why you love it! Love Your Conifer will run until March 20 and there will be prizes for the best photos. Photos and stories can be sent to


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A project of the Hamilton Naturalists' Club and Environment Hamilton. Funding by Ontario Trillium Foundation.

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