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Tree Tuesday! Hamilton’s Tree in a Rock

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(story submitted by Peter Hill, 2014)

Years ago on the northwest corner of King Street West and Breadalbane Street (Westdale), across the road from Paton Motors, a large limestone rock was placed in the middle of a small grassy area. Shortly thereafter, a seed (I think an elm) took root and started to grow – right out of the rock!! The rock is now split and the young tree is about 5 meters high and has other young saplings growing around it.

At this point in time, it is hard to see unless you look carefully, particularly in summer when the leaves abound. Winter is the best time to observe this hardy tree growing in the rock. If you are passing by in a bus you can see it from the window (sit on the right side of the bus) or you can explore a little more closely if you are on foot or astride bicycle.


Author: treespleasehamilton

A project of the Hamilton Naturalists' Club and Environment Hamilton. Funding by Ontario Trillium Foundation.

One thought on “Tree Tuesday! Hamilton’s Tree in a Rock

  1. That photo of the elm in the rock is amazing. Can’t believe it split the rock in two.


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