Trees Please Hamilton

Green Solutions to Air Pollution

Tree Inventorying continues

Our July Schedule

Join us as we collect air quality data and collect data on trees.  We provide all the tools and training!

Please note that our tree inventorying sessions will be held when it’s not raining.  Water and technology don’t mix 🙂

TP Schedule Crown Point July 2017

TP Schedule McQuesten July 2017

Questions?  Email Juby and Carolyn at

We are POSTPONING our Beach Strip Restoration Planting

Due to all this rain, our community Beach Strip Restoration has been postponed.  Currently,  the area has been greatly impacted with heavy, heavy rains that includes erosion, debris and the possibility that if the rain keeps coming, any plants we do plant now will wash away.   We’ll keep you posted on future dates as we are hoping to plant this September

V2 Beach Strip POSTPONED planting